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AEG Translations is owned and operated by writer and translator Anne Goff. Anne works with a network of language and subject matter professionals to provide her clients with high-quality, professional translations; Anne also writes or rewrites political speeches, websites, autobiographies, and more for clients looking for a more exciting or polished presentation in English. For over a decade, Anne has brought these services to a wide variety of clients including: individuals, families, CEOs and corporations, and government officials and agencies.

When you work with AEG Translations you work directly with the language professional handling your text—without having to go through any middlemen. Whether you need a document translated for official purposes and need to know that bureaucratic requirements will be met, or want to write something that really reflects your voice and ideas—you can discuss your goals directly with the person translating or writing your document.


A member in good standing of the American Translators Association, former Assistant Administrator of the French Language Division, and two-time ATA conference speaker, Anne works with professionals and organizations throughout the language and legal fields as well as subject-matter experts to make sure that your text reflects the proper terminology and style needed.